How we help make your new roof affordable

How we help make your new roof affordable

How Collins Roofing can make your Roof, Siding or Gutter project affordable.

We can all put off our home projects for quite some time, but eventually we have to make the decision to cough up the funds and get those neglected projects completed. We know that can be a pretty big setback and typically is not something we have saved for. Since Collins Roofing is well aware, we try our best to make roofing, siding and gutters affordable for Kansas City home and business owners.

The obvious option..CA$h
The Best way to avoid paying interest and having that extra ding on your credit score is to pay cash. With cash we can also knock a little off your final bill since it will be a fast and easy transaction.

Collins Roofing in house financing
We like to help as much as possible. Although we are not the bank. Some situations will allow Collins Roofing to take a larger percentage of the job total up front. When the job is complete we can accept payments for the balance. We typically do not like to drag this option out longer than 5 months. We have made a new Roof, Siding and Gutters more affordable for several home and business owners with this option and it may work for you as well.

Home Equity Loans
If you happen to have equity in your home you can borrow against it to secure enough funds to get a new Roof, siding or gutters. Since you are increasing the value of your home the banks tend to give pretty good rates for this type of loan. Especially if you are using the same bank that carries your mortgage.

Personal or signature loans
With a personal or signature loan you can do whatever you want with the money. Although a new corvette sounds way cooler that a new roof….life is life. If you have the right relationship with your banker, you can go up, obtain a signature loan and call Collins Roofing as a Cash customer and get the same great deal as a cash customer would.

We take Credit Cards
Collins Roofing Takes all major credit cards. Just make sure your interest rate isn’t insane. If your interest rate is high just make sure you have a plan to pay off the balance as soon as you can.

This is everyone’s favorite option if you qualify. There are a ton of pockets in the Greater Kansas City area where homes and businesses have storm damage. It may be a few years old and most are not even aware of it. A good way to tell if your home may qualify is to go outside and take a look at your neighbor’s properties. If there are a handful of new roofs around you, you may have been left behind when the New Roof Train went by. Call Collins Roofing and we can access your damage for free, determine if you qualify, and meet with your adjuster on your behalf to see if we can help you get a new roof through this route.

Being that Collins Roofing will do anything in our power to make these property improvements affordable, we can also blend all of these options.
If you have a little cash, a little money on a credit card, a small personal loan, a small claim, and also need us to cover a small portion with in house financing…feel free to ask.
We will help any way we can!

We just used Collins Guaranteed Roofing, and we are very happy we chose them! Due to hail we needed a new roof, so we called a couple companies. Out of the three companies we called Collins Roofing was the only company to keep their appointment and were willing to meet with our insurance adjuster.

Jim W.Kansas City, MO

They are amazing! Came out very quickly after my call, and even came out again to meet with the insurance adjuster as well gave me a great price. I had several issues with my house that kept pushing their part back and they were very understanding and helpful in getting me in contact with contractors to help me get other issues resolved too.

Trina CooperKansas City, MO

They did a great job. They were on time, the clean up was excellent, and I would definitely use them again.

Steve F.Kansas City, MO

After I had my roof put on, I had a slight leakage around one of the pipes. I called them and he came out that same day and replaced the seal. I haven't had any issues since. They stand behind their warranty even years later.

Cherrie C.Kansas City, MO

We have used them for twenty-five years and three generations. They did my roof, my dad's roof, and my son's roof. We have never had an issue and are very satisfied with their work.

HomeownerKansas City, MO

They were great. I was so happy. I would recommend them to everyone. I was very happy with the finished product!

Aaron made a difficult insurance process seem simple. The work was done on time and they did a great job of protecting my landscaping as well as cleaning up. I would definitely recommend!

Naomi W.Independence, MO

This was a flat roof replacement. Aaron explained how the job would be done. He was always prompt. We are pleased with the work and would call on him again.

Barbara M.Kansas City, MO

Made the call in the morning had someone out that afternoon. Very helpful and explained all the issues in detail. Was very quick but thorough.

Daniel RBlue Springs, MO

I hired Collins roofing to work on my roof and a second job of my gutters. They showed up on time and did a great job with the work and the clean up. I would recommend this company to anyone and would use them again in the future. I am very happy with the choice I made and the work that was done.

Kerry D.Independence, MO
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